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Whether you need flyers or postcards to gain a customer's interest, or beautifully printed stationery to make that first mpression count. We've got you covered.

Specializing in your wide format printing needs since 1978.

Digital Now's  Oce' printer sales and service will give you peace of mind knowing your production needs are a top priority.  Our machine maintenance is performed by highly qualified technicians who keep your equipment running in tip-top shape, which extends the life of your investment. Let us know if your priority is print speed, gray scales, color prints, scan quality, scan speed or the number of rolls available and we can fit your needs and budget.

Where Quality & Value Matter

We work with the best manufactures who have proven product history, like Canon printers and HP, with good parts availability. Many of our current customers have enjoyed the longevity of equipment with lifespans over ten years.  Well manufactured equipment, coupled with superior maintenance allows you to maximize your investment.
Digital Now has reprographic print shops allowing you the opportunity to outsource those large print jobs, saving you time and money.  If you need color renderings or color blueprints, we can handle that for you as well.
Give us a call and let's talk about how we can help you.

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We Print

We're more than just ink on paper, and know how to get your message out.

We can do it all

Digital Now is committed to making it easier for you to order print, with our excellent service ensuring it's simple to order.


Quality Printing

Our goal as a business is to always to exceed our customer's expectations. We're proud of our work, and know you'll be proud of your print.

Fast Turnaround

You can always trust Digital Now to come through for you quickly and without hesitation. You don't have to sacrifice quality, or settle for a less professional appearance when you have a tight deadline.


Need to helping getting your message out? Our team is equipped to handle all your mailing needs; from list acquisition and management to ink jetting, mail sorting, and delivery.


Big impact comes from a strong finish, and our bindery department won't let you down. Whether its a particular coating, cutting or folding options you require, we have the capabilities to put on the final touches.