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There are multiple ways to send your files and instructions to our Blueprint/Reprographics department for printing. Use the method that best fits your needs and is easiest for you. Please read all the information below for instructions, options, and how to make the whole process flow smoothly.

We will ASSUME (if no other instructions are given) that the whole file will be:

1 set, printed single sided in B&W (grayscale) on #20 bond, bound with a strip,             and rolled up
Size will be dependent on the file, (2-sided jobs are only available at 11x17 or smaller)

Please INCLUDE INSTRUCTIONS for: quantity, specific pages (sections, numbers, etc.), size changes, B&W/color, binding options, contact information, and any other pertinent information, as well as the Job Name in the email subject line.

If you have any questions or requests, do not hesitate to ask! Our GOAL is to complete most jobs with a two-hour turn-around or less. Questions and other things may cause delays, but we will inform you if it takes very much longer. (See other info below.)

1. Email the file(s) as an attachment, or Link to a shared directory to we can receive emails up to 99 MB (if you can send them). If you send individual files, please also tell us the Order you want when we combine them, if the file names are not in proper order. If a link, be sure to specify the exact files you want if there are several from which to choose. (see #12 about Digitally Signed Files, and #13 files that require long processing times.) You should receive a confirmation email within a few minutes. If not, call 850-434-2525 to make sure it was received. You will receive an email (or phone call if requested) when the job is ready.

2. Use our online form (see blue "Upload Blueprint" icon above) – log in or create an account – This is for files too large for you to email, and will accept up to 900MB.  You will receive an email confirming the order, and when the job is ready.

3. Bring plans in - originals for copy or scan to file (pdf, jpg, etc.), Files can be on CD, DVD, USB, even diskette. We can scan up to 36” wide B&W or Color, but not thick or mounted items.

Other important information:

4. Jobs with Color – Color has a higher price than B&W prints and varies based on the coverage. You can also specify “color if needed” or “color if applicable”. We can insert and mix B&W and color pages into the same job set. If you want us to quote you first, let us know at the beginning of the instructions.

5. Spec. Books – we assume that they will be 2-sided, B&W, and GBC bound (up to 2", ~950 pages), with clear cover and cardstock back. Let us know if you want 1) Staple only, 2) 3-hole punch (only), 3) 3-hole in a Binder (comes with color outside cover), 4) Color pages or cover, 5) Any other options. We can GBC up to 11x17 (on 11” side)

6. Other services - combine multiple files into one, scan to file (up to 36” wide), straighten crooked scans, OCR (optical character recognition) to make searchable documents, etc. We can also export the files via email, and if large, on an USB (yours or ours), CD, DVD, dropbox, etc. Let us know which. Rush Jobs: put ASAP or “by Time” in the Subject line of emails or in the drop down box online.

7. Multi-Sized Pages in Job – let us know if we should “fit all” to a certain size, or print all @ 100% on the larger of the sizes, or to print each section or size at the size it is in the file. We will probably call to confirm these options as often this situation is unknown by the requester.

8. Large Sets – if the set is over .75” or about 180 pages, we can bind via “drill and post” (extra fee), or can Split the set into multiple volumes and bind as normal. Let us know.

9. Other Media options – we have several media options for large-format printing, including Mylar, Tyvek (waterproof), vellum, colored media, etc. (not all are in stock). For small format (11x17 to 8.5x11)– cardstock, photo paper, color paper. (Our Graphics Department can also print on Max Metal, mesh, banner, vinyl, acrylic, etc.)

10. Make sure to indicate the Company or Billing Account to be used. If one is not set up, it will go to a cash account and paid when picked up. We accept cash, credit cards, checks, P.O.#’s.

11. If we are to SHIP the plans – put all of the info in the instructions, please verify it. Also, include if plans to be rolled (tube) or folded (flat).

12. Notes about Digitally Signed Files – once a file is Digitally signed, it cannot be changed, edited, or modified in ANY way without losing the signature. Depending on the purpose of the prints, this may or may not be ok – let us know. This means that it may take longer to print as we cannot combine multiple files, or we will have to combine as a “Portfolio” and can only then print 1 set at a time, page/section by page/section, etc. We will inform you if this is the case.

13. Files requiring Long Processing times – Sometimes a PDF is not properly “flattened” and it takes a long time to do so, or sometimes it will not print the whole document without crashing. So we must charge extra for this time and, if it is very much, will inform you before proceeding.

14. Copyrights – any item with an active copyright must have written permission (letter, email, etc.) from the copyright holder before we can reproduce the work in any way.